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 The Brand Story:

Cycle Balance with Catherine Needham

Catherine is a women’s health and fertility advocate and applies a personalized, functional medicine approach with all of her clients.

She had a very clear vision for her brand:

  • Hopeful + calm
  • Knowledgeable + friendly + approachable
  • Incorporate moon phase imagery without being too New-Age

Based on her direction, I wanted to create a brand with organic shapes, while maintaining symmetry and structure, to reflect the medical and cyclical nature of her business. The final result is the perfect mix of approachability within a medical service.

Services We Provided:

  • brand development
  • logo design
  • print design
  • website design + strategy

Infertility isn’t the problem; infertility is the symptom of a problem.

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Catherine Needham smiling in purple shirt. Know your cycle. Know yourself.
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