Turn The Page Careers

Turn the Page is a recruitment service that provides a personalized approach to placement and hiring. Their unique process focuses on finding the right fit for both employee and employer. Because of their personalized approach, I recommended that Kelley, owner of Turn the Page, be the face of her brand. The result is a beautiful brand that exudes trust and confidence for her new clients.

Skin Edit

Skin Edit is a med spa located in Chattanooga, TN that specializes in skin care and individualized treatments to help clients look and feel their best. Kim Fugate, the owner and visionary behind the practice, had a clear vision for her brand. See how all of the elements came together.

Reflection Before Resolutions 2019

I'm reflecting on all of the milestones Nicole Victory Design embraced in 2019, where I fell short, and where I'm headed in 2020. I hope to inspire you with setting your New Year's goals!

Halloween Themed Beer Tasting

Entertaining is a creative outlet I enjoy nurturing outside of my business, and I went all out with the Halloween theme. Our Halloween themed beer tasting features a bold color palette and moody fall florals.

Pilates and Scoliosis Logo Design and Branding

I'm so excited to share the launch of this new brand for Pilates and Scoliosis featuring a custom mandala design and relaxing earth-toned color palette. Pilates and Scoliosis is taught by Laura Hausler who mindfully utilizes props, Pilates equipment, and variations of Pilates movements to focus on centering, balancing, and whole body strengthening in the Seattle area. Laura had a very clear vision of her brand from the beginning which resulted in a wonderful collaboration.

Reflection Before Resolutions 2018

I'm continuing my tradition of reflection before resolutions in 2018 to help set myself and my business up for success in 2019. See where Nicole Victory Design has been and where it's going.

Pin-up Model For a Day | How a Unique Experience is Fueling My Year-End Creativity

Sharing details of my experience as a Christmas themed pin-up model for a day with the 2019 Warbird Pin-up Girls Calendar crew featuring the Ain't Misbehavin'. Back in October, I received a message from a family friend regarding a model call. The photographer was looking for a brunette with blue eyes, living in TN, and no tattoos. Finally, all those Spring Breaks in High School where I stayed home paid off! I don’t have a single tattoo!

Harsens Island Workation 2017

Back in the Summer of 2011 I finally quit my job that had been making me miserable for years in pursuit of a full-time freelance design career. A few days later, I retreated to my family’s vacation home on Harsens Island, MI to begin an annual tradition known as the Harsens Island Workation. Each Summer I spend 6 – 8 weeks here working my regular full-time hours but in a beautiful place surrounded by friends and family. As I'm settling to 2018 Workation mode, I'm sharing the highlights from an epic 2017 Harsens Island Workation.

What Small Businesses Can Learn About Sales From QVC

When a business chooses to innovate after they’ve stagnated, that’s a sign they will continue to experience success. QVC is doing exactly this: Innovating. Learn how to increase your small business's sales by implementing the same effective techniques used by the live TV shopping network, QVC, on your own website.

3 Simple Ways Changing Your Environment Can Stimulate Creativity

Stuck in a creative rut? You may just need a change in scenery. I'm sharing 3 simple ways changing your environment can stimulate creativity.