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What Small Businesses Can Learn About Sales From QVC

When a business chooses to innovate after they’ve stagnated, that’s a sign they will continue to experience success. QVC is doing exactly this: Innovating. Learn how to increase your small business's sales by implementing the same effective techniques used by the live TV shopping network, QVC, on your own website.

To be honest, I never gave the live TV shopping network, QVC, much thought. I associated it with bored housewives that drove their husbands crazy by racking up credit card bills shopping for unnecessary household trinkets.

Before you decide to send me hate mail, I am apologizing for my judgment. I was completely wrong.

I started noticing a trend over the last few months as QVC hopped on the influencer bandwagon. I spend a large amount of time on Instagram and reading blogs, so when I noticed that QVC had started to use influencers, I was intrigued.

Companies that know how to innovate and evolve with changing times are always an inspiration to me, especially during this time when traditional retail is struggling to stay relevant.

I also started to notice TV advertisements for QVC featuring a variety of celebrities. It seems the cool thing these days is to have your own line on QVC.

When a business chooses to innovate after they’ve stagnated, that’s a sign they will continue to experience success. QVC is doing exactly this: Innovating.

The QVC Appearance That Inspired Me

One of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram is Farrah Merhi of Inspire Me Home Decor and guess what?! She has a line of home decor on….wait for it….QVC!

Farrah had been building up to her appearance in May for about a week, and I decided I wanted to tune in. Wow! Am I ever happy I did because QVC has a magic formula that’s not only been around since the late 80s, but they continue to evolve and stay relevant.

As I was watching her appearance, I found myself nervously wanting to purchase something I convinced myself I must have for the perfect bedroom…and oh no! The King has sold out!!!! There are only a few units left of the pillows. Should I buy them? They’re not going to be restocked!

This is not me. I do not impulsively purchase things I don’t need, but then I realized if this style of selling is convincing ME to buy yet more throw pillows that I already have too many of, then they’re doing something right!

Here’s The Magic Formula QVC Uses That Universally Translates Into SALES!

  • A sense of urgency and scarcity: The hosts continually emphasize that the items won’t be restocked, and they will sell out.
  • Pricing and how to purchase is clear: Various payment options are offered, and the ability to purchase by phone, their app, or the QVC website is displayed throughout each sales pitch.
  • Excitement around a product and a sales pitch full of positive energy: All of the hosts continually touch the product with beautifully manicured hands. The product is presented as something special.
  • Flattering lighting and displays: Presentation is everything when you’re selling something that a customer can’t physically touch or interact with. The QVC sets have beautiful lighting, and the products are styled and nicely displayed.

The above methods are so simple and effective, yet not everyone uses them! It’s essential to share with your customer WHY they need what you’re selling and to make it as attractive as possible.

QVC is nothing but a sales pitch of positivity, and they also actually have really good deals! Did you know you can even buy plants on QVC? Yep, as a crazy plant lady, once I discovered this, my mind was blown!

How The QVC Method Can Be Applied To Your Online Small Business

  1. Beautiful product photography and styling

    This little detail applies even if you’re a service-based business. When a customer is on your website they’re visually taking in information quickly. They need to see imagery that instantly connects with them while also communicating what kind of product or service you’re offering. This is where really knowing your customer comes into play.

  2. Write copy that inspires and excites your customer to purchase

    Don’t get caught up in highly technical aspects of your product or service. Simply tell them how buying what you’re selling will positively transform their life.
  3. Make pricing and how to purchase clear

    With service-based businesses, I know there’s a debate over should you include your pricing or not. I personally am in favor of at least putting a starting at price. This saves everyone time by letting your customer know instantly if your service is within their budget. For products, yes, definitely include pricing. Finally, tell them how to buy or how to book you. I address more of this process in the post Want To Improve Sales? Make Sure Your Website Answers These 3 Questions.
  4. Create a sense of urgency

    Using language such as limited quantities, or available for a limited time, exclusively sold here, etc. will tell your customer you have a highly sought after product that won’t always be available. This will make them more likely to pull the trigger on a purchase.
  5. Build excitement around your product or service by promoting

    Last but not least, you have to tell customers that you’re selling something, and do it in a way that’s exciting. From what I’ve experienced, QVC runs commercials on other networks and uses social media. It was the Instagram account of Farrah Merhi that convinced me to tune into an episode. She did sneak peeks of her home decor line on Instagram for a week leading up to her appearance on QVC. She showed the decor beautifully displayed in her home, but emphasized the limited quantities, and that the decor would only be available after her appearance on QVC.

There you have it. These tips are all simple ways you can up your online small business game and turn those browsing customers into purchasing customers.

Oh, and those throw pillows I wanted….SOLD OUT before I could pull the trigger. It kinda makes me want them even more.

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