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Pin-up Model For a Day | How a Unique Experience is Fueling My Year-End Creativity

Sharing details of my experience as a Christmas themed pin-up model for a day with the 2019 Warbird Pin-up Girls Calendar crew featuring the Ain't Misbehavin'. Back in October, I received a message from a family friend regarding a model call. The photographer was looking for a brunette with blue eyes, living in TN, and no tattoos. Finally, all those Spring Breaks in High School where I stayed home paid off! I don’t have a single tattoo!

My yoga pant wearing life usually consists of working from my home office with crazy cat co-workers. Exciting photoshoots involving a sexy Santa outfit and posing with a vintage plane for The Warbird Pinup Girls 2019 Calendar isn’t a typical day for me.

Like Grandmother, Like Granddaughter, kind of...

This exciting photo shoot opportunity was near and dear to my heart since my fabulous and fashionable grandparents met each other while working on the airlines, back in the day, when flying was, gasp, glamorous!

Pin-Up Model for a Day | Nicole Victory Design
Pin-Up Model for a Day | Nicole Victory Design
The Warbird Pin-up Girls is a calendar featuring restored WWII aircraft and lovely pin-up models from all over the country. The photographer behind this beautiful work is a fellow small business owner, and creative professional, Christian Kieffer. Enthusiastic small business owners are always such an inspiration to me, and his incredible passion for the vintage planes and his creative vision extended to every detail of the shoot.
Pin-Up Model for a Day | Nicole Victory Design

The 2019 calendar is inspired by Vargas paintings, and the posing details are all in the finger and foot placement; something I had never paid attention to in his work. I spent several days studying vintage pin-up paintings and WWII nose art to prepare for the shoot.

This was my pose:

Vargas Santa Girl

Here’s my final photo:

Pin-Up Model for a Day | Nicole Victory Design

Nailed it?

Not quite. I stood like this for several hours, constantly adjusting my fingers and feet to hit just the right pose. I was even sore the next day and now realize that professional models don’t have it quite so easy.

It was such an amazing Fall day spent with Christian, his talented crew, and I even met the owner of the plane, The Ain’t Misbehavin’, Mr. Wes Stowers.

Pin-Up Model for a Day | Nicole Victory Design

Getting out of my comfort zone, studying a different genre of art, and embracing unique experiences like this is what continues to fuel my creativity and improve my design work.

As we move towards the end of the year, I have visions of vintage aircraft, pin-up painting details, and nose art dancing in my head.

Pin-Up Model for a Day | Nicole Victory Design

If you’re interested in purchasing a 2019 calendar, you can grab them here.

Thanks, mom, for accompanying me to this photo shoot! Ya can’t be too careful! Thanks, Dad, for taking me to the rainiest airshow ever to promote calendars. Thanks to the hubs for not being weirded out by this experience and making me your screen saver. Thank you Lawrence J. for being my agent and telling me about this opportunity.

Merriest of Merry Christmases to everyone and a very Happy New Year!

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