September 26, 2016

I’m so thrilled to announce the launch of the re-brand for Skin and Body Balance! The lovely owner, Kristin, opened up Skin and Body Balance back in 2010 where she provides skin care services, thai yoga body work, and teaches yoga, barre, and pilates classes in Atlanta, GA. Kristin was in need of a re-brand to better reflect the evolution of her business and additional services she now provides.

Color Inspiration

We started off with the color and style palette. Kristin definitely knew she wanted to incorporate a deep, plum purple color. With purple being my favorite color, I certainly didn’t complain! I wanted to pull in some natural earth tones and a lighter, soothing lavender color to reflect the tranquil atmosphere of her spa.

Web Design for Skin and Body Balance Color Inspiration | Nicole Victory Design

Bowls | Candle | Flowers | Succulents in Wood | Soap | Succulent | Bottles

Logo Concepts

After nailing down the color and style, I continued on with developing logo concepts. I wanted to communicate health and fitness with a touch of vintage botanical elements.

Skin And Body Balance Logo Concepts | Nicole Victory Design

Style Guide

Here’s the final logo that Kristin chose, and I developed the remaining custom brand elements to coordinate together.

Skin and Body Balance Final Logo and Style Guide | Nicole Victory Design

Web Design

We then moved on to the website. While creating a new, fresh design, I was able to pull some of the content from Kristin’s previous site and added additional pages and information.

Skin and Body Balance Website Design | Nicole Victory Design
Skin and Body Balance Website Design | Nicole Victory Design

The Final Branding

Here it is my friends! All of the final elements pulled together! Kristin’s lovely head shots are courtesy of Drea Photo Artistry.

Skin and Body Balance Logo Design | Nicole Victory
Skin and Body Balance Business Card Design | Nicole Victory Design
Skin and Body Balance Website Design | Nicole Victory Design
Skin and Body Balance Lotus Flower Icons | Nicole Victory Design
Skin and Body Balance Social Media | Nicole Victory Design
Kristin Ballantine Owner of Skin and Body Balance

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